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The Semiautomatic weigher CL25K in its two versions has as its operating basis the dosage of a programmable weight between 5Kg and 25kg depending on the type of product, granulometry, shift, etc.

It allows a working cadence between 6 and 14 packages/minute, depending on the speed of the operator to change bags and their weight.

The generation of the weighing is independent of the holding of the bag, so we are achieving a higher working speed, ie, we do not have to locate the bag to start generating the weighing, net weight  is dosed into the bag.

The structure is made of 80x80x5mm pipe (wall) of great structural rigidity, with wheels.

The two dosing systems are as follows:

  1. CL25K-BV: feeding belt for coarse dosage with product retention flap and vibrator for final dosage.
  2. CL25K-T: Stainless steel worm screw AISI 304 of a single piece, mirror polished.

Weighing bucket with double opening and pneumatic drive, with load cell HBM (USA) Capacity 50 Kgs. The weighing signal to fill the preformed bags is made by means of a pedal, the bags are fixed to the discharge cone by means of a pneumatic fixing system. It is equipped with an FR equipment, pneumatic cylinders and FESTO command solenoid valves (Germany).

In addition, for programming, it has DELTA PLC (Korea) and DELTA touch screen (Korea) of up to 10 programs for handling and joint control, which allows the programming of coarse weights, thin as vibrations and control times, feed belt speed, etc.