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Thermal transfer encoders offer a new level of efficiency and quality. Providing the change of printing fields automatically with the possibility of printing data such as LOT, OPERATOR CODE, TIME, MINUTE AND SECOND OF PACKAGING, DATE OF EXPIRATION, etc. and loading of various messages to be printed via a pen drive. With the possibility of varying font size by editing the message from an external PC.

Maximum printing areas available depending on the equipment:

6230 32mm x 50mm (width x height)

6330 53mm x 75mm

6530 107mm x 75mm

Your advantages

  • Reduced ribbon waste through digital ribbon control allowing more prints per roll. Eliminates manual type changes, which reduces human error. Digital technology increases productivity, improving profitability.
  • High-quality digital technology provides clean, clear codes. No manual adjustment is required from first to last print. Eliminates costly product recalls, waste and incorrect codes.
  • Real-time information exchange controlling production accuracy. Automated printing of time, best before date, batch codes, customer logo and other variable information..