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Technical Specifications:

Our line of vertical formers consists of two models, TRAC BAND 200 and TRAC BAND 350, which can be coupled to different types of dispensers: As Volumetrics, Screw or Multihead Combined Weights.

This is the optimal combination of a mechanical system with the operative versatility of the programmable logic control DELTA or ALLEN BRADLEY, showing all the functions from a touch panel, achieving in this way a packaging system of variable cycle, with the correct adjustment and the maximum flexibility for the control of the temperature of horizontal and vertical clamps, sample of produced packages, etc.

With the possibility of programming up to two downloads per cycle.



Height 1950mm
Length 1800mm
Width 1450mm
Weight 830Kg


The Packer:

Automatically, from a roll of thermosealable film, it seals vertically and horizontally and fills by means of a dosing head.

It has the following characteristics:

  • ABIX belt drive system (Germany). Guaranteeing an excellent traction of sheet.
  • Photocell DATALOGIC (Italy)
  • Photocell DATALOGIC (Italy)
  • Mechanical length control by encoder.
  • Pneumatic FESTO (Germany)
  • Electronic board of great size and easy access.
  • Up to 30 different programs.
  • Horizontal clamp mounted on nitrided and ground shafts with movements on linear bearings Star REXROTH (Germany)
  • Sealing clamp for sheets of different pitch/thickness. The clamps are designed in such a way that a homogeneous temperature is obtained throughout the sealing surface.
  • Toothed blade cutting system.
  • Container forming unit made of elliptical 304 stainless steel plate; easy and quick replacement with two fixing bolts.
  • System of regulation of the film passage that allows to alter the angle of entry in the forming shoulder according to the characteristics of the film.
  • Acrylic enclosure for operator protection, closed door sensor with emergency stop.
  • Quick cutting blade replacement.


Materials suitable for packaging:

Polypropylene, polypropylene sheets, aluminum polyethylene, polypropylene.
Polyethylene. In the latter case, the equipment and the clamps correspond to the version for constant temperature and air cooling.

Coil holder with total centering and external control with motor-reducer to facilitate smooth and precise film feed. It has inductive sensors to activate and deactivate the unwinding motor and stop the machine when the film coil is finished. Simple and functional, it allows the use of large coils up to 600 mm in diameter. The inner diameter of the coil is 76 mm. 3″.


The working rate can go up to 75 packs/minute, depending on the product, size and type of packaging


Permissible Packaging Dimensions

Width             Maximum 350mm width Minimum 40mm
Maximum Lengh              500mm
Double discharge 800mm
Minimum: 40mm


Optional Accessories or Peripherals:


  • Additional forming shoulders.
  • Packing exit belt with revolving counter.
  • Inert gas injection system in the container.
  • System for dispenser hole to hang the container.
  • Square bottom system to obtain containers with flat bottom.
  • Package grouper.
  • Dispenser for sauces (sachet), pogs and other promotional products.
  • Pre-cutting knives, programmable system, for making strips.



  • Connection 3x380v or 3x220v, plus neutral, plus ground 50/60 Hz. 3,5Kw/hour.
  • 6mm² section cables for phases and neutral.
  • 8mm² section cable for ground.
  • With thermal key of 40 Amp. (No differential circuit breaker).



Estimated consumption of the equipment 65 l/min at a pressure of 6 Bar. Arrival at the machine with a pneumatic tube Diam. 10 mm.