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The packaging system begins with the arrival of the product to the hopper of the ENVA MEC ECA 5400 feeder, where it is transferred precisely and uniformly by means of a vibrating tray with vibration speed control, to a lifting belt, which delivers it to the main weighing system of the dosing head.

This feeder, according to the customer’s needs and to the product to be packed, can be provided with a sanitary polypropylene band with blades and fins or with a polyurethane runner band with Bordeflex


  • Hopper vibrating tray: AISI 304 2mm thickness.
  • Strip Chassis: AISI 304 2mm thick.
  • Vibrator System: OLI Vibrator (Italy)
  • Elevator belt drive: STM/VARVEL motor-reducer (Italy)
  • Shafts mounted in 2RS shielded self-centering bearings, in polypropylene pockets.
  • Level sensors in the dosing head for on-demand feeding.
  • DELTA frequency inverters (Korea) for vibration control of motovibrator and feed belt speed.
  • Connection card to the packaging machine.
  • In addition, the whole system is mounted on a chassis made of 30 x 70 x 3.2mm pipe, mounted on wheels with brake and anti-turn system.
  • Standard power supply 3 x 220 – 380 volt. 50 – 60 hz + neutral + ground.


  • Collecting tray for surplus, dust, etc.
  • Sifter in the vibrating hopper.