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The packed product falls from the packer by means of a slider towards the exit belt while it unloads it in a revolving table that acts as a lung for of system so that the operator picks up the containers and places them inside the boxes for their later redistribution.

This tape has a VERNA silicone band (Spain) or polyurethane band with ESBELT profiles (Spain) according to requirements. The rotary table is moulded in fibreglass with retention edges and inclined surface, with a manually adjustable angle, to receive the packages.

The belt chassis is made of 304 stainless steel with SKF polypropylene pockets with 2RS self-aligning bearings.

All these elements, both revolving table and conveyor belt, are mounted on a steel chassis SAE 1010 50 x 30 x 3.2mm thick, painted with polyester baked white, of high structural rigidity, mounted on wheels GUITEL (France) Novoplex material with anti-twist system and brake. In addition, both elements have STM (Italy) motor-reducer.